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Why Logos matter

A clean and concise logo sets a professional, modern tone for your brand. But more importantly, in a world where potential customers see hundreds of logos every day, a logo is one of your first opportunities to introduce yourself. It helps turn an audience into customers, and it’s becoming more important than ever to creating a successful cannabis business.

How we refine your brand

We take a detailed, analytical approach to determine how to make your brand stand out from the crowded cannabis industry and connect with potential customers. Then, we execute.

Understanding your brand

It’s important that we have a comprehensive understanding of what your brand’s products and services, your business model, and your true target audience. Once we have a grasp on your business, we research the desired demographic to fully understand the market and their interests.

Creating the logo

Resin Refinery doesn’t just provide you with one new logo and send you on your way. We’ll create at least three different variations for you to choose from.

Exploring new colors

Once the new logo has been selected, we’ll apply a fresh color scheme. The cannabis industry is overflowing with logos in various shades of green. Unique colors are one of the best and most distinctive ways to separate your brand from the pack.