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About Us

Founders of resin refinery cannabis branding agency

Travis Kwielford & Enrique Alvarado


A Modern Cannabis Branding Agency

Resin Refinery is a boutique branding studio that helps cannabis businesses and entrepreneurs define their niche, connect with their audience and create must-have products. The cannabis industry is evolving rapidly and becoming more competitive daily. It’s more important than ever to have a modern, recognizable brand that goes beyond the clichés. Resin Refinery is focused on elevating your brand to maximize your reach and tell your company’s story.

Rethinking and Refining Cannabis - One Brand at a Time

We live in a digital age. Your online presence is required.

Travis has spent years developing websites that excel in their industries by serving a specific purpose. Your website should serve your business like an employee — except this employee works for you 24/7, 365 days a year. Websites are more than a digital representation of your brand. They should be working non-stop to GROW your brand. Travis takes the time to understand your business needs so that Resin Refinery can build exactly what you need to succeed.

Travis kwielford

Founder/Lead Developer

You've heard the saying, "build it and they will come. But what if it wasn't visually appealing?

Would they still show up? And if it wasn’t built right, would they come back? Branding in the 21st century requires technical skill and creative impulse. Enrique has both, bridging the gap between making it work and making it look good. He’s fluent in the language of digital media and understands how photos, video and design work with online platforms to build and extend your brand. He’ll work with you to translate your company’s message into the visual medium of the future.

Enrique Alvarado

Founder/Creative Director