As a new resident of Denver, Colorado, I’m able to hone in on which strains I prefer to smoke. Before, I didn’t really know what I was smoking. It was pretty much just whatever “the guy” said. All I knew was I thought I liked sativas, wasn’t a fan of indicas and wasn’t sure about hybrids. 

But that’s kind of how it is when you live in a state that outlaws cannabis. You don’t really have the luxury of going into a nice clean storefront with attending hosts to describe each and every product they sell.

It’s pretty much, “Aight, I got this and that. What do you want?”

I lived in Florida for three years without really understanding the different strains. But within two months of living in Denver, I have established the fact that I prefer sativas. 

Now, why do I like sativas? They give me energy. They focus my mind to actually accomplish something during any given day — especially at night when I like to work on my design stuff. I almost feel turbo-charged at times and fly through my work for the evening. 

On nights after I’ve had a pretty rough day watching my son destroy the apartment, after I put him down for the night, I like to enjoy a joint before I get to work. We have a bench on our patio, and since we’ve moved here, sitting out there smoking a joint is my favorite way to start my work day/night. 

It’s almost a pre-game routine now. I put Oliver to sleep then pack a joint while listening to some music or video-chatting with my business partner. I put coat on and step outside and enjoy about 10 minutes of quiet to gather my thoughts and chill out from the busy day of being a stay-at-home dad.

With sativas, if I smoke after a certain time, I’ve found I’ll sometimes work until 2 or 3 in the morning. Realizing that’s probably not a good thing, I try to make sure not to smoke after 11 p.m., or else I’m not going to sleep that night.

According to the Pot Guide, sativas are mostly associated with a cerebral high — stoking creativity, inspiration, problem solving, and energy. Which is exactly what I like, because I don’t always feel inspired to take on the work I have in front of me. Or the work I’m doing is boring. But smoking a sativa definitely helps me get my work done. 

I don’t have anything against indica strains. They just sometimes make me feel lazy rather than relaxed. However, it could be that I just need to experiment within the indica strain to find something soothing but not overly relaxing.

I’ve been on such a sativa run that I’ve been buying solely sativa strains since moving here. The next step is to find an indica strain to switch to at night before I’m getting ready to sleep. There are times when I have to crunch and put in some late hours and would like to be able to sleep afterward and not be wired until the morning. 

So I think the next step would be to stop purchasing a full ounce of sativa each time and instead break it up. Maybe a half-ounce of my usual sativa but then split the other half with an indica and hybrid strain. Let me know what your favorite strains are on twitter! @designbyalva 

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