Email Marketing for Cannabis Dispensaries

To maximize your cannabis dispensary’s chances of success, you should harness multiple types of marketing, including email marketing. Email marketing is a tremendous opportunity to reach customers. Most adults who use the internet also use email, and many check their email daily. In the age of smartphones, email marketing will also let your dispensary provide advertising to potential and current clients when they are on the go. 

Benefits of Email Marketing

Taking advantage of email marketing will bring your dispensary a long list of benefits. 

Simple Sharing

It is incredibly easy for those who subscribe to your marketing emails to share them with friends. Simply pressing “forward” is all it takes for them to share your email campaign, growing your business in the process. 

Boosts Brand Awareness

The ability to easily share emails provides tons of opportunities for spreading brand awareness. Even if people on your mailing list don’t share your campaign, you get improved brand awareness. After all, the more the recipients see your brand’s name or hear from you, the more likely they are to think of you when they need to visit a dispensary. 


Compared to other types of advertising, email marketing can be relatively affordable. You can theoretically run the email marketing campaign yourself via hosting service, or you can hire an experienced company to manage the campaign. 

Can Be Targeted

You can also easily target your email marketing campaign via segmentation to appeal to clients looking for different products at your dispensary. Emails can also incorporate personalization, such as using the person’s first name. 

Can Involve Tracking and Reports

Dispensaries can also take advantage of email marketing’s ability to track metrics and other factors. You can format links to keep track of relevant information, such as clicks. 

The Emails that Dispensaries Should Send

To make the most of your email marketing campaign, be sure to send different types of emails. At the very least, give each type a try to see what appeals most to your recipients and produces the best results. 

Welcome Emails

Consider sending a welcome email to new subscribers. It can be a quick overview of what to expect from your dispensary, a reminder of your offerings, and even feature a special offer. 

Promotional Emails

Promotional emails promote your service and products. They show off some of the exceptional items available at your dispensary. 

Newsletter Emails

Newsletter emails will give your subscribers updates about your dispensary, such as planned expansions, changes to hours, or special events. 

Educational Emails

To build the reputation of your brand as an industry expert, your dispensary should also send educational emails. These will give the recipients insight into something in the cannabis industry, from how to use your products to insights into a featured strain. 

Survey Emails

Survey emails give you the chance to get feedback from your clients. It also allows you to get quotes you can use as testimonials. 

Transactional or Follow-up Emails

You will send transactional emails if your dispensary operates online, and you may want to offer the option of transactional emails as receipts for in-person purchases. You may also want to consider follow-up emails to make sure clients had a good experience with their purchase. 


Email marketing is a vital part of any cannabis dispensary’s advertising campaign. You can use it to share special offers, information and news, all while building brand awareness for a low cost. 

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