This past Cannabis Cup, I got to experience the takeover of cell phones at concerts. That prompted me to run a little poll on Instagram. I posed this question to my followers: do you love having your phone and being able to record video or take photos at concerts, or do you hate that everyone has their phone out and you’re unable to see what’s going on? 

The number of people who hate phones at concerts far outweighed the people who love them. In fact, I got some replies from some of my followers with their own thoughts and opinions. 

One guy replied that he didn’t really care. One of my followers was happy that I brought the question up. She also pointed something out that was pretty important: THE STREAMS ALL SUCK. Everyone who tries doing a Facebook Live, Instagram Live or Snapchat at a concert need to know that the quality is so poor that at times you wonder why they even bother streaming.

But one thing was mentioned over and over again? Put the phone away and live in the moment. 

What are your thoughts? Leave your thoughts on our Instagram!

Cell Phones Concert Crows Image

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