Why do websites need age verification?

Age verification is required on all websites that sell or promote age restricted goods. It is illegal to collect any information on underage children, even something as simple as saving their e-mail address for a newsletter signup. To prevent this, websites can use age verification tools that restrict underage visitors by prompting them with a simple form that declares their age. This warns underage visitors that your website's content is not suitable for all ages and directs them away from your website to ensure your website does not collect any information from them. Since Cannabis is illegal for minors all dispensary website must have some sort of age verification tool active.


Do dispensary websites need age verification?

Yes! Cannabis products are for the use of adults over the age of 21 and consumption is illegal for minors. This means, dispensary websites feature products and services that are not suitable for underage visitors. If your dispensaries website has any email signups, membership, or even a simple contact form then you absolutely need some level of age restriction active on your site. But don't worry, adding an age restriction to your website is not that hard!


Adding age verification to your website

Adding age verification to your website is extreamly easy, especially if you're using wordpress. There are pleanty of plugins that will add age restriction to your website, checkout some of the top age verification plugins for wordpress here.

If you are not using wordpress don't worry! It's still possible to add age verification but depending on what you used to create your site you may need a web developer. Contact us if you have any questions or need help adding age verification to your website.


Why are age restriction popups so ugly?

They don't have to be! We strive to create seemless age verification popups that stay true to your branding and showcases your style. A website is a virtual extension of your brand, customers should experience the same emotion and experience when logging onto your site as they do when walking into your doors.⁠ You wouldnt have an ugly sign on the front door of your dispensary so neighter should your website.


What are other Cannabis website laws?

If your website collects any information, even if its just an e-mail, you are required by law to have a Privacy Policy.

The California Online Privacy Protection Act (CalOPPA) states that if you collect any personal information (email addresses, GPS location, phone numbers, or mailing addresses) from any California-based user, you are required to have a legal statement available for users to review that discloses the privacy practices of your business. If you're located in the US, California residents are likely to be using your website so you should have a Privacy Policy.

With legalization spreading across America there will be new rules and regulations that your website will need to abide by. Keeping your site up-to-date can be time consuing and you should be spending your time on your business. Thats where Resin comes in, we can manage your websites updates and free up yout time for what really matters.

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