Is It Safe to Use CBD Oil During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding?

Pregnancy and Flowers

While the whole world is embracing CBD oil with open arms for several benefits, there is a lot of controversies around the use of CBD oil for pregnancy. Some mothers have found it extremely beneficial, whereas others are still apprehensive about it.

CBD oil health benefits are known to anyone, but most are ambiguous about its benefits and side effects on pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. In this article, we will unfold all the aspects of CBD oil that has been bugging you ever since. 

If you are an expecting or breastfeeding mother weighing the effects of CBD oil for pregnancy, this is your stop. Read on to find out everything CBD oil and how safe it is for you and your precious munchkin. 

What Is CBD Oil?

In case you are wondering what CBD oil is, let us briefly introduce - CBD is a cannabinoid which comes from the cannabis plant, but it is not marijuana or pot. The substance that is responsible for the intoxication is diluted to the extent of almost absence.  

CBD oils are known for their therapeutic benefits, like dealing with stress, anxiety, and depression. It is also used for epilepsy and seizures. They are legal in most states now due to their medicinal value. 

What Are The Benefits Of CBD Oil For Pregnancy?

It can be used by pregnant women as well as in post-pregnancy as it helps with a lot of issues during pregnancy. Let us briefly look at the benefits.

● Pregnancy is known to cause backaches and pain in general. CBD oil can be used to ease out this pain as it is a great reliever. 

● Morning sickness is one of the worst experiences pregnancy can bring you. Using CBD for this problem is a piece of pregnancy advice that has been accepted by several women, and they have vouched for its credibility. 

● It has inherent anti-inflammatory properties, which can be a life savior for expectant mothers.

● Many women suffer from post-partum depression. It can be a very tough phase with rioting anxiety and depression. CBD oil is known to have great effects in such cases due to its therapeutic qualities. 

● It also helps in dealing with mood swings, which can be bothersome, especially during pregnancy.

CBD Oil During Breastfeeding

CBD Oil and Rose Petals

  • ● Like we already talked about postpartum depression, after pregnancy, it is generally treated with drugs that can be harmful during breastfeeding, and thus, opting for a more natural choice is wiser. That is why even doctors today recommend CBD oil for breastfeeding mothers who are suffering from PPD. 

  • ● The right CBD dosage is known to make people happy, and a happy mother nurses a healthy child. 

  • ● During breastfeeding, many women suffer from loss of appetite and nausea. It is known to help with such conditions.

  • ● We all know how sleep gets affected after delivery. With all the work and the major physical and hormonal changes that the body undergoes, sleep comes by with a lot of difficulties. Insomnia is not good for breastfeeding women and can damage their mental and physical health beyond repair. CBD oil helps to combat sleeplessness as it calms the nerve and acts as a natural sedative. 


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Corner Of Concern

A lot of research is going on regarding the benefits and side effects of CBD oil for pregnancy and the ways CBD oil works while breastfeeding. 

The CBD that you take must be of A-grade. There are a lot of products on the market that are not authentic and can cause harm to you and your baby. Like any product, it has also shown signs of reaction and allergies in some women. If something like that happens to you, make sure you immediately stop taking it and contact your healthcare provider. 

However, it is always better to first speak to your doctor and then administer CBD oil for pregnancy. 


Author’s Bio: Rae is a New Jersey-based chemist who is presently working on medicines for epilepsy in children. She has written several books busting the myths of certain medicines, and her works act as referential points for several doctors all around the world. 

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