Create Your Cannabis Dispensary Menu

Part of setting up your dispensary for long-term success is creating the perfect menu. Your dispensary menu lets potential customers know which strains and products are available. It will save you, your employees and customers time, as there is no need for your employees to verbally list out every single offering to every single customer. When creating your dispensary menu, keep the following tips in mind. 

Keep It Organized

Just like your cannabis dispensary should be organized, so should your menu. Divide the products that you offer into distinct categories, such as flowers and edibles. You should also do your best to put the items within each class in a logical order. For example, group sativas together and indicas together. Another idea is to organize with various colors, using a different color or symbol next to every sativa. 

Feature More Than Just Buds and Flowers

While most people who visit a dispensary do so in search of buds or flowers, you will also have customers who want edibles, topicals or other products. To appeal to everyone, try to include a variety of cannabis-based products on the menu. 

Include Descriptions

To reduce the number of questions that customers have — thus saving them and your employees time — make sure the menu includes at least basic descriptions of each strain you offer. At the very least, indicate if it is a sativa, indica, or hybrid, along with its THC content. If you have space, you could also include information on terpene and CBD content, typical effects and taste. Of course, make sure to include pricing as well. 

Include Images

The best cannabis dispensary menus will also feature high-quality images of the various strains and products available. Most clients will want to see what they are going to buy, and using high-quality images can help show off the various positive features of a given strain. By opting for close-ups, you will be able to see the strain’s crystals and trichomes. 

If you do not have the time or space to include images on the menu at first, you can add them later. However, you should add them as soon as you can. Don’t be afraid to get help from a professional to ensure the images and menu look their best. 

Consider a Digital Menu

It is common for dispensaries to have a rotating menu that varies based on the availability of different strains. Because of this, many choose to use a digital list instead of a printed one. Printed menus have the advantage of letting customers hold them and read them comfortably, but digital menus save you printing costs and are easy to update. You can easily add or remove strains or products to the list as they become available. 

Opt for Diverse Strains

In addition to organizing the menu in a logical way, you also need to have a diverse set of strains. As you form your list, you will likely notice that you have fewer strains in some categories than others, or maybe you are entirely missing a group. Try to fix this problem, as offering more variety expands your potential client base. It also gives you a reputation for having something for everyone, encouraging new business in the future. 


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