To bring clients into your cannabis dispensary, you need to have solid marketing strategies supporting you. Whether your dispensary is new or already established, keep the following marketing strategies in mind as you look to grow your business.

Host Events

As with any new business, one of the best marketing strategies is hosting an event. The goal with this is to increase brand recognition and to get people in the door. The events could be free educational classes or even a holiday celebration. Decide what would appeal most to your target audience and design your event accordingly. Just ensure that you follow any regulations in your area before hosting an event. Even if you need a permit to host the event, the growth in sales will likely make up for the cost. Think of it as an investment in your business.

Prominent Outdoor Signs

You want people walking by your dispensary to know what it is. Otherwise, they will not enter. Use things like window signs or illuminated outdoor signs to attract customers. Remember that as long as your dispensary complies with all the legal requirements, there is no reason not to announce your presence.

Promotion on the Street

It may seem old-fashioned, but you can still do a great job spreading word of mouth with some simple street promotion. Instead of just handing out flyers, try including a coupon or giving out small freebies like pens.

For the best results from this strategy, make sure that the team promoting your brand on the street is knowledgeable about your dispensary. This way, they can easily answer questions and create a personal connection with potential clients.

Digital Marketing

While there is still a place for some traditional marketing strategies, all dispensaries need to have a digital presence and digital marketing strategy if they want to succeed. Start with social media marketing by creating an online presence on the main social media channels (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook). Make sure your website is updated and look into other digital marketing strategies as well, such as educational blogs.

Social Media Marketing

Although social media marketing is part of digital marketing, it is important enough to mention separately. For effective social media marketing, you need to consistently post relevant content. Create a marketing strategy that includes planned social media posts. Your social media marketing will also involve building relationships with potential clients via comments on your posts and those of other people and brands. When done correctly, social media marketing is a great way to form connections with the community.

Search Engine Marketing

Your dispensary’s marketing strategy should also include a strategy for search engines. You want to do your best to be one of the first results in your area for specific keywords via search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising, which can be done in combination.

Segment the Audience

Part of your marketing strategies should always include audience segmentation. This lets you focus an advertising strategy on a specific type of customer. After all, what appeals to young professionals may not appeal to retirees. If you want to attract both, segmentation will let you craft different strategies for each.

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