The Cannabis Dispensary Social Media Guide

Your cannabis dispensary should be taking full advantage of social media to boost your advertising, brand recognition and sales. If you are new to social media marketing of your cannabis dispensary or want to confirm that you are making the right choices, then read on to learn some of the most important things you should be doing on social media to promote your dispensary. 

Engage With Your Followers

No matter which social media platform you are using, you should make it your goal to engage with your followers. This will help build up a relationship with them and encourage them to consider your dispensary. Try tactics like asking followers to answer questions or to post photos of their favorite products and tag you. Comment on relevant posts that your followers make. Be responsive and boost engagement. 

Do Live Videos on Occasion

One of the best ways to engage with followers is via live videos, where you can directly respond to questions and comments. You do not have to do this often, but consider doing so at least occasionally. 

Personalize the Content

One reason to engage on social media is to help people feel a connection with your brand. To further this connection, personalize your social media accounts so you seem like a real team of people, not just a boring corporate brand. 

Share Employee Profiles or Insights

One way to make your social media page more personalized and seem more human is to highlight different team members on occasion. Consider having each staff member create a short video about their perspective in the cannabis industry or even their hobbies. Or, have occasional staff social media takeovers. 

Do Not Make It All About Promotion

Yes, the ultimate goal of your social media presence is to promote your dispensary, but that does not mean that every single post needs to promote your company. If you do that, you will quickly lose followers. Instead, share insights and opinions or industry news and events.  

Share Other Sources

When it comes to sharing content that is not promotional, include content from other sources. Do share a link to that interesting news article about the benefits of cannabis, or share a link to specific cannabis breeder with some details about how they are shaping the industry. 

Use Multiple Platforms

When it comes to social media, everyone has their preferences for platforms. To appeal to the broadest audience, you should have active accounts on multiple platforms. Just make sure that you do not use more platforms than you can easily manage. Start with Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, and expand from there. Use Pinterest to show off gorgeous photos of your products. 

Don’t Forget to Promote

While you do not want every post on social media to be promotional, you need some promotional posts on there. Use social media to announce new products, exclusive deals and special events. 

Always Keep Rules and Guidelines in Mind

No matter what you do on social media to promote your cannabis dispensary, be sure that you stay within the platform’s guidelines. You do not want your profiles to be shut down for violating the platform’s terms and conditions. This will hurt your reach and your reputation. 

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